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Prof. Sally Hardy

Creative Arts: A new treatment modality for depression and self-care?

There are 1 in 4 people with a mental health diagnosis. The use of creative arts as a mental health treatment intervention has gained popularity and research interest over the past few years, in particular helping people consider alternative perspectives and activities that transpose our thinking. In particular I will focus on mental wellbeing, not just for our clients, but also as a strategy for resilience and wellbeing at work. I will explore what and how engaging with creative arts can stimulate alternative strategies for wellbeing, that brings back attention to the humanities into the dominant world of scientific theoretical exploration of self.

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Professor Sally Hardy is a mental health practitioner, researcher and educator, who has spent over 30 years engaging in public sector organisations such as health care and higher education. Currently Sally is Dean of the School of Health Sciences at UEA, in Norwich, England, and works closely with the NHS and other health and social care providers to understand how best to engage with wellbeing strategies that enables human flourishing. Her interest in organisational transformation is drawn from practice driven, action orientated research methodologies.

Keynote Prof. Sally Hardy