Keynote 5

The COVID – 19 Pandemic: The Nurses Role in Tackling Inequalities in Health

Nurses are at the forefront of trying to reduce existing health inequalities which are being made worse by COVID-19 globally. We are also victims of those inequalities – a feminised workforce dealing with poor conditions and lacking a political voice. Nurses could help guide coronavirus policy in a number of ways. First, by being a witness to the impacts of COVID-19 on our communities and staff. Second, by advising on prevention and treatment for those most at risk. Finally, we can set a positive example in terms of equality, fair working conditions, protection from infection and pay.


My career over the last ten years has consisted of managing national and international research projects. I am Professor of Public Health & Wellbeing in the Department of Medical Science & Public Health at Bournemouth University and Public Health lead for the European Academy of Caring Science. I have led the evaluation of Sure Start Centres, Healthy Living Centres, Friendship Clubs and Social Innovation/Co-production projects nationally and internationally.