Keynote 6

Change starts with me: leadership, culture and impact

‘Change starts with me’ captures the learning experienced by different health care professionals following a practice-based leadership journey, and its impact on the way leaders work with their teams and communities. Growing effective leaders at all levels of health care systems achieves workplace cultures that are good places to work where all can flourish impacting on both those providing care and those experiencing care. The need for person centred enabling leadership is key to retaining the workforce, adapting to a changing context, as well as meeting the health and care needs of communities across systems.


Kim Manley is internationally recognised for integrating research and scholarly inquiry, practice development, facilitation of workplace learning, improvement and leadership development to achieve and sustain workplace cultures that are person centred, safe, effective and good places to work.

She currently co-leads the development of the multi-professional consultant practice for Health Education England, aligned to advanced practice, systems leadership and embedded research. This builds on a long history of practice development wrapped around service users/citizens and focussing on person centred approaches.

Professor Kim Manley CBE
Emeritus Professor Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and Emeritus Professor University of East Anglia, UK